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The Sustainable Nihilist's Handbook by Jonny Fluffypunk

by Jonny Fluffypunk


Achieving a state of Sustainable Nihilism has not been easy for Jonny Fluffypunk. The Genesis of this Revolutionary has involved an up-bringing of scientific exactness, complemented by experimental cross-dressing, existential fist-fights and being possessed by the spirit of a relentlessly swearing 17th Century Ranter. Nourished by fermented mysticism and the Devil’s Music, Jonny takes us along for the coffee fuelled bicycle ride as he searches for the best poem in the world; beset by complex towel hierarchies, the guilt of a trout sacrificed on the altar of innocence, and numerous erotic encounters.

“This is more than just a book of pithy poems, it’s evocative, nostalgic, moving and most importantly funny. Jonny has triumphed where swathes before him have failed, he’s written a book of comic verse that will actually make you laugh.”
Byron Vincent

“Whether choosing the correct towel, wearing his Mother’s underwear, or reciting an ode to a dead trout, Jonny does it with a sublime mix of grace, verve, clean green jittery wit and a touch of punk rock pizzazz. The man is a genius!”
Dan Cockrill, Bang Said The Gun