Poundland Rimbaud by Jonny Fluffypunk


  • Image of Poundland Rimbaud by Jonny Fluffypunk

Jonny Fluffypunk’s ‘difficult second volume’. Poetry, flash fiction and threadbare philosophy fused together into something that is part memoir, part suburban escapism and part lavishly illustrated cry for help. Includes the transcript of the author’s extensively-toured no-fi solo stand-up spoken word theatre show Man Up, Jonny Fluffypunk: One Man’s Struggle With Late-Onset Responsibility – fully annotated to enable the reader to recreate the thrills of live performance in the comfort of their own bedroom. Or bath.

An economic refugee from the Home Counties, Jonny Fluffypunk has been dragging his art around the poetry, comedy and alternative cabaret circuits for over 15 years. A multiple slam champion who hates competition in the arts almost as much as hypocrisy, Jonny blends bittersweet autobiography, disillusionment and wonder in an act which has established him as a firm favourite at festivals, arts centres and housing benefit offices across the UK.