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by Rob Auton


Rob Auton follows the success of In Heaven The Onions Make You Laugh with a deeper darker, richer collection of his trademark micro stories and poems from the other side. PETROL HONEY features work from the Edinburgh fringe shows (the Yellow Show and the Sky Show) that have earned him cult status and a growing army of fans. PETROL HONEY explores the deeper meaning of the colour yellow, whether Lurpack is available in Heaven, and what happens in a Supermarket when the lights go out. PETROL HONEY introduces us to Nigel who runs the weather and will teach you to sing the Normal Song on the bus. You will never look at the world in the same way again once Rob Auton has taught you how to throw stones into the future.

About the author:
Rob Auton is an expatriate Yorkshireman living in the alien environment of Walthamstow. He performs regularly all over the UK and is part of London's Bang Said The Gun stand up poetry collective. He has taken two one man shows to the Edinburgh Fringe and hit the headlines in August 2013 when a throw away gag won the Dave Funniest Joke of the Edinburgh fringe award. He'll was back in Edinburgh in 2014 for another successful run with the Face show. He is the future of British comic poetry. You heard it here first.