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The Sunshine Kid by Harry Baker

by Harry Baker


Harry Baker combines the nerdiness of being a mathematician with the hopefulness of being a human. His first collection follows the narrative of his 5-Star Edinburgh Fringe shows, Harry Baker's Super-Amazing Mega-Awesome Gap Year Adventures: Birth of a Champion and Proper
Pop-Up Purple Paper People. It details the journey from performing Jay Z-Maths parodies in school competitions to representing his country in Paris and becoming the youngest ever World Poetry Slam Champion. The Sunshine Kid contains the raw honesty, tongue-in-cheek humour and blistering wordplay that have characterised his live performances and won the hearts and minds of audiences all across the globe.

"It's tight, clever and intricate writing that has made Harry Baker a show stealer every time I've had him at my spoken word nights, whether he's a last minute stand in or a fully billed headliner."
Scroobius Pip

"Simply put - Greatest performer on earth."
Scott Mills Show, BBC Radio 1

"He's a champion."
Ed Sheeran

Harry was always good at science at school so they told him to study medicine. Somewhere along the line he realised poetry was a more fun way of saving lives and so switched courses to study
mathematics. It made sense at the time. Since then he has rocked all imaginable stages nationally and internationally, from the UK festival circuit to German opera houses. Once he finishes trying to
not fail his maths degree he will be working on finding some new words to play with and some new places to play with them. Maybe you should come along and see what happens. Maybe you already have. Maybe that's where you picked up this. Thanks, by the way. Harry also does TED Talks and Rap battles on the internet; you should check them out.