Submissions are currently closed. Please check back another time.

Our Policy (please read before considering to submit to us):

We aim for our list to have a minimum 50:50 F:M gender split but please advise if you do not identify as either – this is not a problem – we just like to respect people’s wishes in how we address / describe them.

Also we kind of always assumed this goes without saying but given the times we live in we will state here for the avoidance of doubt: we welcome submissions from all human beings regardless of race, religion (although we do identify ourselves as godless heathens so keep that in mind) or any definition of origin or ethnicity. The only thing we ask is that you are active as a poet in the UK.

On the subject of ethics, we have no tolerance for work that discriminates in any way whatsoever, even if for the sake of humour, in fact… especially if for the sake of humour. No sexism / genderism, trans-phobia / homophobia, racism, ablism. We take a dim view of apologists for sexual assault and rape. Keep this in mind. We live in a world where you have to stand up for what you stand for and we stand for dignity and equality for all.

If you want to submit to Burning Eye, we want to know that you are submitting for the right reasons. Have you bought any of our collections before? Do you follow our work and take interest in other performance poets? We charge £5.00 (which goes directly to charity) for submissions to make sure you are serious about being published by us. We also ask that you let us know your favourite title and why. We do this because of the overwhelming number of submissions we get from people who clearly have no idea what we do or why we do it and are just submitting to anyone and everyone. That is not how you get published. We want to publish people who are dedicated and genuinely care about the community around them.