Better Watch Your Mouth by Jenn Hart


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The debut pamphlet of poems by DIY punk poet Jenn Hart is made up of defiance, declarations of love and war and portraits of dead women. Better Watch Your Mouth is a strong, unyielding testament to the power of female relationships, past and present, fictional and real.

'Here is a collection of poems which whispers, growls, mumbles and shouts about female experiences. Powerful, and everyday. Real, and imagined. Richly fictional, and bravely autobiographical.

Jenn's voice is smart and surprising, and she drags us by the hand through all the things she knows about what it can mean to be young (and especially to be a young woman), without a cliche in sight.' - Sally Jenkinson

'Beautiful, deftly constructed with strength at its heart. This is a gorgeous chapbook' – Megan Beech

Jenn Hart’s poetry is like a ferret. It can be your best friend, or bite your face off. - Henry Raby

Jenn Hart is a poet and musician who speaks for herself. Her poetry is sharp and witty as she rips apart the stigmas of mental health, feminism and growing up in a punk scene, far from perfect.

In 2013 Jenn released a zine of poems Scraped Knees and Sob Stories and it was so good someone got the cover art tattooed in their leg. She set off on a DIY spoken word tour (Riot Nrrrds) with fellow punk poet Henry Raby in 2014 and has performed at festivals, community centres, squats, caravans, kitchens and back rooms all over the country. She has had work published with She Grrrowls, The Riot Grrrl Project and CHAPESS Zine.