Everything Wrong with You is Beautiful by Tina Sederholm


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Everything Wrong with You is Beautiful is a celebration of the foul-ups, losses and ridiculousnesses encountered while attempting to live a worthwhile life. Tina finds profundity in profanity, freedom through debt, wisdom in a cup of tea. She explodes the big things that don’t matter, seeks out the tiny secrets that do. She is equally seduced by both eight-foot gods and cupcakes via awkward sex talks and debt, the result is Radio 4 with the shackles off. Part cry for freedom, part recipe for survival, you have picked this book up for a reason. Now open it up and work out what that reason is.

Tina Sederholm is an award-winning poet, writer and raconteur who has journeyed along that little known career path from international event rider to performance poet. No-one saw this coming, least of all her. From a concerned little girl doing her best to follow the rules and her dream to win Badminton Horse Trials, she has turned into an acerbic, big-hearted sweary, insatiably curious woman who uses poetry to pry open paradoxes such as the positives of failure, the richness in debt and the quixotic nature of love. 

A multiple slam winner, she has performed at festivals and gigs all over the country for the last fifteen years, including the Royal Albert Hall and the Edinburgh Fringe, where her three solo shows have been awarded four and five star reviews. This is her third collection.

‘Tina’s poetry is honest, unafraid, open and human, and it’s great to see
that work between covers, pinned down and displayed for those who
never get the chance to see her live, as well as a treasured reminder for
those of us who have been lucky enough to watch her work.’
A.F. Harrold

‘She makes me laugh so much that I don’t notice till later that she’s also
made me think. Wit, warmth and a whipcrack turn of phrase.’
Anna Freeman

‘Tina Sederholm has risen in stage and page acumen for many years.
This collection skillfully blends her practices and some of her greatest
hits, deftly illuminating self and social awareness with excellently crafted
truth, beauty, warts and all, everything you would expect from such a
diligent, honest writer.’
Steve Larkin