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The BEST Poetry EBook in the World edited by Jenn Hart and Clive Birnie


+++Take this essential guide to the UK's no.1 Spoken Word Poetry publisher to read anywhere on your smartphone, tablet /iPad, or computer.+++

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To celebrate the 5th year of Burning Eye Books, The Best Poetry Book in the World brings together all the anthems, the foot stompers, finger clickers, belly laughing crowd-pleasers that we've published (plus a few exciting extras) under one cover.

Prepare yourselves.

“They are not afraid to take risks and push the boundaries beyond conventions”

“Incredible, varied and, most importantly, daring publications.”

“Consistently cool.”
Dan Cockrill * Raymond Antrobus * Jack Dean
Anna Freeman * Megan Beech * Emily Harrison
Sally Jenkinson * Kirsten Luckins * Keith Jarrett Paula Varjack * Hannah M. Teasdale * Jeremy Toombs
Liv Torc * Joelle Taylor * Agnes Török
Sophia Walker * Thommie Gillow * Rosy Carrick
Tina Selderholm * Crysse Morrison * Lucy Lepchani
Salena Godden * Jenn Hart * Sam Boarer
A. F. Harrold * Harry Baker * Robert Garnham
Matt Panesh * Ash Dickinson * Johnny Fluffypunk
Rob Auton * Joe Hakim * Selina Nwulu * Hollie McNish
Toby Campion * Andrew Graves * Amani Saeed
James Bunting * Lucy English * Emma Joliffe
Laurie Bolger * Penny Pepper * Kate Fox
Jemima Foxtrot * Molly Case * Elvis McGonagall
Jess Green * Mark Grist * Nasser Hussain
Molly Naylor * Dan Simpson * Sophia Blackwell
Amy McAllister * Stef Mo * Sara Hirsch
Fergus McGonigal * Keshia Starrett * Tony Walsh
Shruti Chauhan * Hannah Chutzpah * Jamal Mehmood
Shagufta K Iqbal * Vanessa Kisuule * Michelle Madsen Deanna Rodger * Mairi Campbell-Jack * Lydia Towsey
Malaika Kegode * Rebecca Tantony * Chris Redmond
Pete Bearder * Henry Raby * Scott Tyrrell