Ten Thousand Things by Jeremy Toombs


  • Image of Ten Thousand Things by Jeremy Toombs

Illinois born, Kentucky raised, resident of Bristol, England, Jeremy Toombs: traveller, teacher, musician, spiritual human, soon to be father. It would be too easy to throw you the word “beat” here, yes you can feel the influence in Jeremy’s poetry, you can feel the freewheeling jazz, the immediacy of the words, the touch of technique that harks back to that notable tribe of his countrymen, but there has always been more to Jeremy Toombs than that. Ten Thousand Things is a spiritual and physical travelogue taking us from Kentucky to England via Alaska, Korea, Thailand, India. From the delicate opening of Han Shan to the Stokes Croft Riot. From Immortality Blues to Hangover Meatbelly. Packed with musicality, spirituality, jazz, blues, a thirst for and a love of life, people, nature and in particular the teeming streets of Asia. As anyone who has seen Jeremy perform will testify he is a 21st Century poet with his own take on our crazy 21st Century world. Pull up a chair and listen, you won’t regret it.

“Jeremy collects his global Dharma between the covers of a book, confining continents, confounding ages. Read it quickly, imbibe the rhythm of its cosmos, then back through again, slowly, learn its wisdom.”
Professor Duane Vorhees, University of Maryland.

“An original beat poet, in the body of a young man residing in the 21st century, his lyrics strike hearts, his voice prickles skin, and his beard makes even the smoothest faces want to grow hair.” Wandering Word.