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Prayer to Imperfection - Poems 1996-2014 by Lucy English

by Lucy English


Unusually for a poet of her stature and with near on two decades of work to her name this is the first book of Lucy English's poetry to be published. As such it is a significant retrospective of an English poet with an international reputation. Lucy's poetry explores the complexities of modern life, and the way that we try to find comfort wherever we can. It explores life lived in urban spaces with many of her poems rooted in the landscape of Bristol, the city she has made her home. With influences as diverse as Wittgenstein and Andy Warhol, Lucy's poetry is direct, uses everyday language in often complex ways and yet remains accessible, vibrant and packed with sensuality, sensitivity and humour.

"The hippy chick love mother sex goddess." The List

“A sense of place, a subtle sensitivity of the nuances of people and places – these are rare gifts.” Alastair Sawday

"Lucy is a leader in her field; gracefully straddling the gap between page and stage, poetry and prose. Her work, both written and performed is insightful, sexy, thoughtful, confrontational - in fact everything that you could ask for in a contemporary live-lit practitioner." Glenn Carmichael

ISBN 9781909136274 - 204 pages