Biceps by Laurie Eaves


  • Image of Biceps by Laurie Eaves
  • Image of Biceps by Laurie Eaves
  • Image of Biceps by Laurie Eaves

Biceps is a love story, following a relationship from first sparks one frosty Bonfire Night through day trips to windy Hull and into the stalemate of dysfunctional domesticity.

It’s a story about the physical and emotional tidying we go through when we fall out of love.

It’s a story that explores the small ways we learn to understand ourselves better as a result of our relationships and gain the strength to start rebuilding in the face of personal loss.


Laurie Eaves is a writer and long-distance runner from the village of Yapton.
He began performing raps about acrobatic animals in the late noughties in Norwich, where he headed up UEA Open Mic before playing guitar (badly) in Lyrical Ballads Cabaret.

In 2014, Laurie moved to London and learnt that not every poem has to be a mile-a-minute rhyming rant. He started speaking more slowly, performing regularly across the capital and beyond.

His work has been anthologised by Poetry Rivals, Bad Betty Press, Allographic Press, GUG Press and Spoken Word London, and featured in videos for Muddy Feet Poetry, Process Productions and Team UK Youth Cycling.

He works regularly with The Poetry Takeaway, writing poems for strangers across the UK from the back of a burger van.

Today, most of Laurie’s poems are grit-and-honey pop songs about break-ups, tidying and weightlifting. He co-hosts the Dead Darlings podcast and co-produces the Vogon Poetry Slam.

He’s been described as ‘organised’ by three people this year.