Your Own Steve Larkin Poetry Adventure by Steve Larkin


  • Image of Your Own Steve Larkin Poetry Adventure by Steve Larkin
  • Image of Your Own Steve Larkin Poetry Adventure by Steve Larkin

A book that connects to a world wide web of wordly possibilities.
Your Own Steve Larkin Poetry Adventure gives full access to a breathtaking breadth of poems, songs, and performances from this trailblazing artist through a collection of written word that links to a whole host of digital treats: from video and audio recordings of hilarious gig moments, to animated enhancements of rich poetic expression, to glorious climaxes reached from the front of a gypsy klezmer ska band, all collected and connected like a dungeons and dragons quest.

Three decades of work captured in one multimedia extravaganza of a book.
Want a bit of Steve Larkin? You can have it all, and in any order you want!

Steve Larkin is a poet, singer song-writer, storyteller, theatre maker, comedic host and impresario renowned for his highly original and entertaining live work.A former International Poetry Slam Champion and Oxford Professor of Poetry nominee Steve is the founder and chief of Hammer & Tongue - the UK's leading poetry slam organisation that has led the charge of poetry back to the Royal Albert Hall. Steve is the creator of two critically acclaimed spoken word theatre shows: N.O.N.C.E. and TES, the front to ‘world-folk-punk-skiffle' band Inflatable Buddha, a musician in his own right, and a poet whose career has spanned three decades and involved performing world-over in diverse venues to diverse audiences, from convicted violent criminals in a high security prison to MPs at the Houses of Parliament.

“Steve Larkin is a poet-philosopher disguised as a club entertainer. Lacing profundity with profanities, deep tracks with cheap gags, he weaves comedy, politics and style to leave audiences laughing thoughtful and infected.” - Jim Thomas

"Electrifying fusion of music and the spoken word...affability and quick, biting wit with the social conscience of Pete Seeger" ***** Victoria Times Colonist
"Superb spoken-word - essential viewing" ***** Fringe Guru
"Prepare to be stunned and inspired by the power of Larkin’s spoken word.” ***** Edmonton Sun, Canada
“Part philosophy, part hysterically funny humour” Nightshift Magazine
“Steve Larkin, has the facial expressions of Vic Reeves, and often, the blunt quick-wittedness of Frankie Boyle.” Spiral Earth
"Revolutionary, elocutionary genius” ***** See Magazine
"The spoken word guru" Canadian Broadcasting Corporation