We Need to Talk by Agnes Török


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If I could write just one poem about sexual violence
it would be this:
The victim.

We Need To Talk is a poetry collection on sexual violence, survivorship and solidarity. We Need To Talk instead looks at gender-based violence structurally, taking Agnes's own experiences as a starting point to discuss the normalization of sexual violence in contemporary society. Agnes pulls no punches in this frank and honest collection, and she is right. We do need to talk about this.

Agnes Török is an award-winning queer and genderfluid poet, TED speaker and author. Their work moves in between art and activism.
Török has produced poetry in collaboration with several large organisations and campaigns for change, as well as established cultural institutions such as Roundhouse Theatre and the BBC.

Török has toured on four continents and written books in two languages about mental health, gender-based violence, the rise of the extreme right, and feminist and queer resistance movements.
Török lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with their communities and pot plants. Their supporters and collaborators live around the world.

10% of book sales go to Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support