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The Letters I Never Sent You by Paula Varjack


  • Image of The Letters I Never Sent You by Paula Varjack
  • Image of The Letters I Never Sent You by Paula Varjack
  • Image of The Letters I Never Sent You by Paula Varjack
  • Image of The Letters I Never Sent You by Paula Varjack

Poetry & Prose 2007 - 20016

Have you ever felt like it’s easier to open up to strangers than to your friends?

Have you ever written a letter you never sent?

What would you say if you did?

LETTERS I NEVER SENT TO YOU is a collection of impressions and encounters; of people briefly met and of places passed through and lived in. It explores the sometimes slippery nature of the word “home”, and how love and heartbreak can be felt just as strongly for a place as for a person. It explores connection and disconnection with places, people and the spaces in which we encounter them.

From Washington D.C. to London, from Accra to Paris and onwards to Berlin, LETTERS I NEVER SENT TO YOU tells stories of a life split between places, identities, languages, nationalities, sexualities and of running away and running into yourself, of love lost and found again.

Having created work for stage, film, page and performance Paula Varjack has been writing to you for nearly a decade with no expectations of ever hearing your reactions.

Can you write yourself into existence? Paula did, and she wants to open up to you, even though (and perhaps especially because) you might not have ever met.

What would you share with someone you would never see again?

Paula Varjack is a writer, filmmaker and theatre maker. Her work explores identity, the unsaid, and making the invisible visible. She makes work across disciplines; performance, theatre, documentary and spoken word. Her most recent show “ Show Me The Money” - explores the reality of making a living in the artist in the U.K. based on interviews with artists across the country. She has performed at numerous arts festivals and cultural spaces including: Glastonbury Festival, Berlin International Literature Festival, Tate Modern, Chelsea Theatre, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The ICA, Richmix, Wiltons Music Hall, Battersea Arts Centre, The Southbank Centre, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Musicbox Lisbon, Es Balluard Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Photographer’s Gallery.

She is the creator of the Anti-Slam a satirical take on Poetry Slams where the lowest score wins. In addition to performing and producing events, she facilitates workshops with a wide range of age groups, using writing prompts and drama games to unblock creativity. Born in Washington D.C. to a Ghanaian mother and a British father, out of they many places she has lived she considers east London to be “home”.