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Singing My Mother's Song by Rebecca Tantony

by Rebecca Tantony


‘How lucky we are to have Rebecca Tantony to sing to us, not only her own story, with its weavings of memory, history and family, but stories of the world, of displacement, love, loss, identity, beauty, poetry, confusion and connection. Her words dance across the page just as she travelled through space and time – to learn, to uncover, to commemorate and to celebrate. We are lifted by these songs, this word-music, and reminded of the power of our voices.’
- Tania Hershman
This collection started as a whisper, a quiet voice that kept asking questions. Over the years it became a coherent sound sprung from a yearning to fill in the missing parts, to understand my mother’s story. Perhaps it’s something that goes beyond what is experiential and real and moves into the memory of imagination. Perhaps it is a book of magic, of synchronicity and colliding moments in time, too strange to be logical, too concise to be chance. Ultimately, it’s a way of shifting perspective in order to move the direction of a past. It is whole generations, re-learning the song of ourselves.

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