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Sakura by Myriam San Marco


  • Image of Sakura by Myriam San Marco

Within the pages of ‘Sakura’, Myriam San Marco builds a world of unease bound in that fragile scrabble called love. Her conversation of poetic prose has a palpable intensity where perspectives draw you in deeper than expected to eavesdrop on shadows, to witness in stark light and to unpack the baggage of secrets. The rich text and emotive imagery balance on a knife edge with unflinching precision.

'Myriam sometimes calls herself Word Maker, but it is her word-choosing that impresses me most. In Sakura, Myriam's word-choices, sharply-focused as laser-pointers, are shone straight into the eyes of the dark beasts that gnaw away at the foundations of us and our relationships, threatening to turn the world wobbly. Her word-choices make reading this poetry an uncomfortable experience at times; an exhilarating and beautiful and sexy one at others. But always rewarding. This little book is the result of meeting the world head on in all it's ugly glory and finding a way to distill that experience; to turn it into potent shots that both burn and warm the heart in equal measure. It is a little book, yes, but it is also a great victory. Myriam has lived and loved and somehow survived and look! Here she is, stronger than ever and mouth blazing, holding Sakura aloft like a hard-won scalp. ' - Jonny Fluffypunk