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Real Grown Up Women by Samantha Boarer

by Samantha Boarer


Samantha Boarer writes about what it is to become a ‘real grown-up woman’ in the twenty-first century. Each poem is a reckless navigation through the obstacle course of a modern twenty-something female with hurdles including dating, cancelling plans and the vagina’s varying pH levels.

A mix of sex and social inabilities, Samantha Boarer’s poetry will woo you, make you feel uncomfortable, but will never leave you feeling unsatisfied. Presenting self-deprecating humour, this collection turns serious situations on their heads to reveal the absurdity of it all. An incredibly honest account of what it’s like to be a grown-up single woman.

“The hottest thing to come out of Newton Abbot since the A380.”
Robert Garnham

"Hilarious, poignant and deliciously filthy."
Melanie Branton

Available 1st March 2018