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My Other Poems are Funnier by Beryl the Feral


Image of My Other Poems are Funnier by Beryl the Feral

A book for humans.
Especially the ones who aren’t always impeccable.

A poetry collection in homage to every valiant sensitive, who despite their sore places and complicated bits, will show up in spite of it all. Those who reach their limits and then stretch more; to embrace challenges, forgive fears, risk difference, and own the excruciating marvel of imperfection.

Expect a tour through the treacherous terrain of Beryl the Feral’s mind, where self-esteem battles the sirens of shame and sabotage daily. Tipping her hat with cheerful accuracy at some intimate and awkward places along the way, Beryl brings keen observations of her own inner dialogue and dysfunction, and gets her own back by exposing her neuroses as entertainment so we can all have a good laugh.

‘The poet I would most trust with my heart breaks and hen nights.’ - Liv Torc.