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In The Beginning Was The Word, Then A Drawing, Then More Words, Another Drawing, And So On And So On


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'In The Beginning Was The Word, Then A Drawing, Then More Words, Another Drawing, And So On, And So On' is a sequential chain that alternates from poet to illustrator, a creative game of ping pong that takes each artist on a path they would not have discovered on their own. Responding to each others original and sometimes witty thoughts, they explore the darkness and the light, ask 'why are we doing this?' and 'where is all this leading?' as they take us on a journey from the beginning of time and through unexplored space to find an unknown destination in an uncertain and peculiar world.

Daniel Cockrill's words have appeared in books, newspapers, magazines, on gallery walls and have been spoken out loud on stage, radio and television. He is the Co-founder of Bang Said The Gun and Page Match and is published by Burning Eye. He lives and works in London. About Damien Weighill Born in the North East of England and now living and working in London. Damien Weighill creates illustrations full of ideas (of both the smart and the joyfully stupid kind) for a host of international clients. His comic strips are published weekly in The Sunday Times Magazine.

“Like a good gin and tonic.”
Lemn Sissay

“Moving, amusing, revealing and compelling.”
Jonathan Ross

“Dan Cockrill is a poet of nuance, whispers and extraordinary
beauty, who holds his pen as though it were the pointer on a compass.
These poems navigate between worlds and map the distance between
them, drawing them together. These are impossible poems, small things
which contain the universe. Each poem is a response to a picture, each
picture drawn in response to a poem. This is a book of circles. Own it.”
Joelle Taylor

“Cor, I love this book, such a lovely turn of phrase and sensitivity and
humour. This book is playful and profound, surreal and laugh out loud
funny. There is a wonderful comedy and romance in here, a beautiful
collaboration and a colourful celebration of the now.”
Salena Godden

“Damien Weighill draws pictures that feed words into your head.
Daniel Cockrill writes words that feed pictures into your head.
By the time I got to the end of this book I had a casserole of life
in my head and I’m still eating it now.”
Rob Auton

“Dan Cockrill is a very human human and, as both poet and person,
he approaches this mad, sad, beautiful world with the perfect
combination of playfulness and betrayed disappointment. What I love
about his writings is what I love about life: One moment it has you
giggling at the daftness of it all; the next it just breaks your heart.”
Jonny Fluffypunk