Everyone Is Now Unhappy by Fergus McGonigal


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Fergus McGonigal’s new collection contains humour, wordplay, plenty of love poetry, a rich seam of surrealism, a dash of nonsense, and just the right amount of heavy stuff to balance it all out. Much of it rhymes, most of it scans, and all of it makes sense, so whatever you do: don’t tell the Poetry Police.

After surveying the mess that everybody always seems to be in, himself included, Fergus McGonigal thought it was time for somebody to point out the glaringly obvious: Everyone is Now Unhappy. Except, of course, when they come across a poetry book like this one.

Educated somewhere in between school lessons up north and university lectures down south, Fergus McGonigal decided to compromise by moving to the Midlands (although people who know him well often say that he’s all over the place). Having left teaching several years ago, Fergus has spent his time building
up the poetry CV; if you want to find out what he gets up to, then take a trip to fergusthepoet.com, where you can also hear some of this book. Everyone Is Now Unhappy is his third collection of poetry. He is no longer Worcestershire Poet Laureate, though, so please stop curtsying.

‘Fergus McGonigal reaches the parts which other
poets cannot reach.’

‘Bold, brash and brilliant!’

‘Vibrant, wild and funny, and that’s just his hair. Fergus McGonigal is a poet and performer of verve, energy and pizzaz. Shame he can’t spell his name properly.’