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Boys by Sally Jenkinson

by Sally Jenkinson


Growing up with boys, living with boys, fighting with boys, grieving for boys...
Boys is a collection in two parts that wrestles with heartbreak, grief, sexual exploration, casual relationships and day to day observations. It is a journey through encounters, good, bad, loving, violent, life-affirming and challenging, with boys (and men). Boys is a tender, raw, celebratory and unflinching collection of poems with a socio-political undercurrent from a poet who is staking a claim to be an important and distinctive poetic-voice of her generation

Sally Jenkinson is a regular performer at poetry and literature events, and music festivals around the UK. In 2014 she toured Australia and the UK with her show 'Folly', co-written and performed with the musician Nuala Honan. She runs creative writing workshops for children and young people, as well as adults with a learning disability, and has worked on large-scale projects with organisations such as Apples and Snakes, Take Art, Poetry Can and Boom Satsuma. She is co-producer of Wandering Word, which has programmes and runs the Spoken Word stage at festivals such as Shambala and Boom Town for the last 5 years. Her debut pamphlet, Sweat-borne Secrets, was published by Burning Eye in 2012.