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Venus Shells by Nadia Malik

by Nadia Malik


“This is a searing collection of poems that are brilliantly tender, Malik is beautiful in telling stories where the truth creeps up on you in a quiet and powerful way. Venus Shells has in an honest and magical way mapped my journey of motherhood in a visceral, heart-breaking, and poignant new light. I would recommend this to all mothers, to find comfort and a sense of hope, in even the most exhausting and darkest moments.” - Shagufta K. Iqbal

Venus Shells is collection of poems about individual identity within a predominately Muslim community. Nadia Malik’s debut follows family, relationships and a melding of cultural ideas, mixed with rich myth and tales told in Arabic and Indonesian.
Nadia Malik was born in South East London and is of European and Indonesian decent. Nadia writes about trauma and healing; she writes about identity, family, home and the desire to belong. Nadia is currently preparing to become an art therapist. She lives in London, where she raises her daughter as a single mother.