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Sweat-borne Secrets by Sally Jenkinson (Paperback)

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Image of Sweat-borne Secrets by Sally Jenkinson (Paperback)
  • Image of Sweat-borne Secrets by Sally Jenkinson (Paperback)

This short collection confirms Sally Jenkinson as a poet of great talent. In the twelve poems presented here she demonstrates an individual voice that many a more seasoned poet would kill for. This is poetry from the messy world of real life, where going through the mill and the mire ‘Stellared, smoking, sinning, choking’, is all part of the party. Sally has an exceptional ability to capture a moment not only as a well crafted image but as an adept evocation of the emotion we feel in our hearts and stomachs. A confident debut from a poet whose name will become familiar.

“‘Holding out a heart like a six-ounce sirloin’ comes SallyJenkinson with her poems of love and not-love. Here are urban adventures with gasmen and barmaids and Simon Armitage; sometimes kind, sometimes wounded but always paying attention. Sally writes with an eye to the truth, an ear to the sound of a line and always a fierce determination to tell her truth. A strong new voice, gutsy and intelligent, worth the reading.”
Jo Bell

“Sensuous, surreal, bold and beautiful, Sally Jenkinson’s image-filled poems spill gloriously across the page. Often, a line will leap out and squeeze you by the throat. Poetry that sings from a poet whose song I’d like to hear more of.”
Kate Fox