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Maskboy by James Wheale

by James Wheale


This book is a time machineā€¦ This is an autobiographical story of time machines, magical masks and loss. James Wheale relates the harrowing journey into his own personal heart of darkness, from time traveller to amateur caped crusader, through award-winning poetry. From reading tarot with a witchdoctor to going cold turkey on his past, Maskboy is a funny, brave and honest work that delves into the alter-egos we create to rescue, and ultimately become, ourselves.

Beautiful, very beautiful. --Jacob Denno, Editor of Popshot Magazine

James chronicles his attempts to navigate the unfathomable with a deft pen; but ultimately it s the authenticity of this investigation in to grief, confusion and exploration that makes it excruciatingly relatable. This lyrical paddle in the muddle puddle of loss manages the rare triumph of being unflinchingly personal without feeling indulgent. --Byron Vincent