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Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere by Alice Furse (Paperback)

by Alice Furse


Ever felt your life didn’t match you at all, as if you’d picked the wrong one by accident?

Go to university, get a degree they tell you, and a successful, happy future will be yours.

So how has she wound up living with a Traffic Warden and working in office hell?

As her days fill with low paid office work and her boyfriend abandons ambition, a young woman believes there must be an apocalypse on the horizon and hatches a dramatic plan to escape the life she picked by mistake.

A dark, comic, heart-breaking novel about the road to discovering that life rarely happens as we expect.

“Dazzling” The Guardian

“Alice Furse belongs firmly at the centre of a new generation of literary writers” Dan Holloway

“Alice Furse has a way of looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, and making it compelling in a way that I’ve rarely seen before.” Laura Besley