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Alternative Beach Sports by Michelle Madsen

by Michelle Madsen


Michell Madsen is a good example of a growing band of poets who have learnt their craft by performing live. If you only encountered her poetry on the page however, you would just think "poet" and find no need to get weighed down by a "performance" prefix or wonder whether this is that mysterious Spoken Word you have heard about.
Maybe Michelle is a cross over artist who is at ease in both poetry worlds, she certainly understands better than most that “page and stage” operate inside the same tent. The poems collected here show a flair for structure and technique that only serves to strengthen work written first and foremost with the microphone in mind. From wild romance to dark satire Michelle’s poetry contemplates love, lust, physics, politics, identity and gastronomic oddities.

‘Michelle Madsen is one of the few poets I know whose work is as good on the page as it is performed. Her poems are what I send to those who protest that spoken word poetry is not proper poetry.’
Hollie McNish

‘Promises sparkle, and champagne and glittery
dresses. As do lying eyes, glass in the gutter and the hen-do aftermath. Whether it’s sported proudly or tossed to the kerb, an engagement ring shines, a winning smile gleams and Michelle Madsen’s poetry surely sparkles.’
Tim Wells

‘Michelle Madsen is a top bird!’
Salena Godden